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Kernel for PDF recovery is a software application developed to handle all kinds of corruption cases in PDF files that threaten data loss. Corruption in PDF files may occur due to virus outbreak, power outage, sudden application shutdown, incomplete download or other reasons. This recovery program scans corrupt or damaged Acrobat files and recovers 100% data during corruption.

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The software is built to retrieve vital data by repairing PDF files during situation like file error cases, when the file freezes during printing, PDF file gets corrupt during download, or during file upload to file cabinet, file not readable with Acrobat reader etc. Usually when we download a PDF file from any online source, following error messages may appear and restrict it from opening:

  • "Adobe Reader could not open because it is either not a supported file or because the file has been corrupted"
  • "Corrupt cabinet file"
  • "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."
  • "File is corrupt or damaged"
  • "There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid."

On account of powerful algorithms, the software performs comprehensive data recovery without wasting time and money of the user. The recovery can be performed in two simple steps; just select the affected PDF document and click the Next button to repair that document within few seconds.

During PDF data recovery operation, the software takes care of the data integrity of the original document. It performs read-only operation over the original file to keep it intact. The software also allows you to perform batch recovery wherein multiple PDF files can be repaired in one go.

The tool performs flawless repair and enable users to retrieve and restore maximum information from damaged, corrupt or inaccessible PDF files that sometimes act to be irrecoverable with other third party data recovery tools. Owing to its interactive and user-friendly GUI, the software is ideal for use by novice or non-technical users.

Here are few of the salient features of this competent software:

  • Software recovers all text, graphics, hyperlinks and other object forms from the document
  • It maintains file-formatting as it recovers outlines, colors etc as well as supports repair of various PDF file format errors
  • Supports multiple file recovery in a single repair cycle
  • Restores Page tree, cross-reference table, images etc
  • Retrieves data and links from the corrupt or inaccessible files
  • File information such as version and page size are also retrieved.

The PDF recovery software also provides a few more options for easier recovery. In order to scan the required PDF document, the recovery tool identifies PDF structure, determines source location of text data, examines the cross-link tables and performs required actions for recovery process. It is able to repair damaged documents created using any version of Adobe Acrobat.

This software also comes with a free evaluation version. In order to evaluate the software features on your own, download the demo version. Though the recovery features are same but the trial version displays recovered items only at alternate pages. For complete recovery and data restoration of the file, use the full version of the software and save each and every detail from damaged PDF files.


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