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Employee Desktop Live Viewer is stupendous, brilliantly designed, and output-driven software that acts as a spyware and monitors each and every activity on the desktop of your employees over a network.

With the help of this software, one can easily and almost effortlessly monitor multiple employees' computer systems in a network. Also, with the help of this tool, the employer can ensure that no sensitive organization information is being sent outside.

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Perhaps, one of the most attractive features of this spy software is that while you can monitor your employees' from a remote computer system, they will not even come to know that they are being monitored. You can install the Agent setup file on the target computers from a remote location with administrative rights without the knowledge of your employees. Once the Agent file is set up on their computer, the administrator can have a LIVE view of their computer screen from the Viewer's computer.

The best part is that you need not sit in front of the Viewer's desktop 24/7 to monitor employees' computer screen. You can simply select the time frame in which you'd like to monitor their activities and then just relax. The offline recording feature allows setting different recording and scheduling parameters for individual target computers. This software would take the snapshots of your employees' desktop activities in the specified time frame and then save them in an .AVI file format in the Viewer's system. When you are back in office, you can view those .AVI files to figure out what your employees have been doing during that time frame.

PC Spy Software Salient Features:

  • Live Monitoring: This monitoring software enables you to watch LIVE desktop activities of your employees.
  • Remote Monitoring: It enables you to monitor your employee from a remote computer system. The only condition is that both the monitored and monitoring computer systems must be in the same network.
  • Invisible Monitoring: This simply means that while you monitor your employee from a distance, he will not even know that he is being monitored.
  • Invisible Software Installation: It is possible for you to install this computer monitoring software on your employees' computer system without their knowledge.
  • Notification Messages: Although, your employees' do not know that they are being monitored, you can alert them by sending notification messages to them that they are being monitored.

Have you tried the software before purchase?

The trial version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer is available as a freeware on the internet. You can download the trial version and then work on it. Working on the free trial version would help you get a fair idea about the software's features, functionality, and performance. Though the working of the free trial version and the complete version of the tool is quite similar, the trial version has a few limitations. Firstly, the trial version is available as a freeware for only seven days. Secondly, the free trial version enables you to monitor only a single computer on the network. Therefore, in order to use this tool for more than seven days and also to be able to monitor more than one single computer, you need to purchase the complete version of the software.

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