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Now it's easy to repair corrupt MS Backup (.BKF) files with Kernel for MS Backup Recovery software. It is a renowned tool especially designed to deal with all back up corruption issues and to provide the user with quick and reliable back up data recovery.

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Various file interruption issues, such as virus attacks, CRC errors, unrecognized media error, and many others issues make the .BKF archive file inaccessible. This leads to loss of all backed up data. So, in order to recover the lost data, taking help of an efficient MS Backup Recovery software becomes the need of hour.

Kernel for Back-up Repair is the best professional repair tool available to repair corrupt Microsoft backup files created with ntbackup.exe utility. Embedded with strong repair technique, the tool uses advanced algorithm to scan the damaged or corrupt files and recover all archived data stored in.bkf file.

Software Key features:

  • Successful recovery of corrupt BKF archives
  • Repairs CRC errors
  • Restoration of all existing documents from corrupt BKF file
  • Enabled with two recovery modes: Quick & Advance mode.
  • Also support multiple file recovery in a single recovery cycle.
  • Unique features - 'Save Snapshot' and 'Load Snapshot' options save much of scanning time
  • Corrupt BKF files can be dragged & dropped for recovery
  • Enabled with Exchange BKF file recovery feature
  • Provides easy and accurate recovery of EDB, STM and log files
  • Option to quickly search and locate a document
  • Support for Unicode characters
  • Saves Scan Info for later seeing complete BKF recovery process.
  • Embedded with options to save recovered BKF files in hard disk, external disk or at remote location.
  • Supports bkf file repair created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software
  • Interactive user interface, easy to use software

Dual Recovery Modes: It is integrated with two recovery expedient recovery modes that ensure complete BKF recovery as follows:

  • Quick mode: This mode offers a quick and selective BKF file recovery. It is capable of recovering BKF data from files with minor corruptions efficiently. If this mode fails to recover desired data, you can try other embedded advance scan mode.
  • Advanced Mode: This is alternative of the earlier mode but it is more advanced with recursive scan features to ensure recovery from every kind of BKF file error. It repairs restores data from severely damaged and old BKF archives.

The software is equipped with distinguished features - 'Search Files' and 'Save Recovery Snapshot'. The Search Files feature helps in searching the specific files amongst the large number of recovered files. The Save Recovery Snapshot option saves the scanned file which saves the time of re-scanning it. The other helpful feature Load Recovery Snapshot lets you upload the scanned file whenever you want to recover the file again, thereby resuming the saved scan process. Both these options are best suited in situations where the scanning process has to be terminated in between or the software has to be closed.

Software supports restoration of files created with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and Windows 95 backup utilities, as well as BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software, under Windows, Novell, and Macintosh.

Free demo version of the tool provides the facility to save the snapshot of the scanned BKF file, so that you can later load it to recover the data with full version.

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