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Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Kernel range of data recovery tools can help the user in recovering data from Windows, Novell Netware, Linux, Mac, and UNIX drives. You can download the free trial version of the software before purchasing it. The trial version works exactly like the full version of the tool. The software will analyze the crashed/corrupted hard disk and show you the details of data that is recoverable. Nucleus Kernel data recovery tool is a read only program. It doesn't change the contents of your disk. So even when you want to try some other process for recovering lost data, the chances are same as it was before running the software.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery

Recovers data from crashed IDE hard drives, SCSI Disks and External USB drives. Kernel hard drive recovery software supports FAT32, FAT16, NTFS and NTFS5 read more...

  • File Size : 3.16 MB
  • Version : 14.0
iPod Recovery Software

Kernel Recovery for iPod helps to recover music files, videos, audio files, images, pictures, photos, documents, folder hierarchy, etc from the inaccessible read more...

  • File Size : 4.29 MB
  • Version : 9.04.01
Linux Hard Drive Recovery

Recovers data from crashed Linux disks. Kernel hard drive data recovery software tool supports Ext2, Ext3, IBM JFS and ReiserFS File Systems read more...

  • File Size : 2.25 MB
  • Version : 4.02
Macintosh Hard Drive Recovery Software

Recovers data from Mac hard disks. Hard drive recovery software supports HFS and HFS+ file systems. It copies the data of corrupted Macintosh drives to a read more...

  • File Size : 2.33MB
  • Version : 4.03
Novell Hard Drive Recovery Software

Recovers data from crashed Novell hard disks. Software supports Netware Traditional Volumes and NSS (Novell Storage Services). Software fully supports read more...

  • File Size : 2.62 MB
  • Version : 4.03
Unix Data Recovery Software

Recovers data from corrupted or damaged Sun Solaris and SCO OpenServer hard disk. It can recover the data from deleted, corrupted, and formatted partitions read more...

  • File Size : 1.05 MB
  • Version : 4.01
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Caution Caution

Do not download the software on the crashed disk. It may overwrite the data and results in data loss.

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